The Aspire Study

“Few Christians seem to possess a ‘big picture’ of spirituality and even fewer believers (less than one out of five) describe spiritual success in terms broader than a single aspect of personal maturity. Most born-again adults have a very narrow view of what they are striving to become as Christians, what spiritual maturity might look like in their lives, and what it would take for them to maximize their potential as followers of Christ.”
    — George Barna, Growing True Disciples


Anything we do in our lives where we desire to grow requires us to apply intentional effort.   Under the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit we will need to apply diligence and effort.  As a church, we have identified six areas that we believe are core to becoming more like Christ and living a healthy and balanced Christian life.  Download the study guide below and give some intentional effort to learn what the scriptures teach about each of these six core values.  We would encourage you to take your time and really reflect on where you can grow in each of these areas.  
Download the complete Aspire Study here:
Download the Introduction to the Aspire Study here: