Staff  & Elders

Mars Hill Community Church is guided by our Staff, guarded by our Elders and gifted by our Congregation.

What this means in practicality is that our staff is responsible for communicating vision within their areas of responsibility, developing ministry plans to support that vision and managing the ongoing tasks within their roles. Our Elders have four primary areas of responsibility: guarding our vision and doctrine, financial oversight, church discipline and pastor accountability. Leadership at Mars Hill is not exclusive to the staff and elders. Our congregation is made up of a wide variety of men, women and students who lead and serve along with the staff and elders to make up the Body of Christ, which is the church.

Our Staff

Tom Gray

Senior Pastor

Kirk Pratt

Executive Pastor

Matt Russell

Discipleship Pastor

Jim Burt

Seniors Pastor

Aaron Crawford

Student Pastor

Andrew Guerrier

Missions & Outreach Pastor

Chris Martin

Worship Pastor

Danielle Holbrook

Elementary Director
[email protected]

Kathleen Pratt

Preschool Director
[email protected]

Jessica Lester

Executive Assistant
[email protected]

Cameron McAllister

Communications Director & Facilities
[email protected]

Ethan Berquist

Worship & Student Associate 
[email protected]

Katie Dunn

Childrens & Students  Ministry Assistant
[email protected]

Sheila Pratt

Student Ministry Administrator
[email protected]

Mark Tanner

IT & AVL (Audio,Visual, Lighting) Director
[email protected]

Our Elders