Bible Church 

Mars Hill Community Church is an independent non-denominational Bible church serving the communities of Cobb and Paulding Counties for over 20 years.  We are resolutely focused on investing our lives in sharing Jesus Christ and growing His followers.  We invite you to join in life-giving community,  transformational Bible study, and kingdom- focused ministry.  

Sunday Morning Services  9:15 & 11:00

Current Series: Exodus

Exodus is a book about God's invitation to join Him on a journey.  God calls the Israelites out of slavery to fear into a journey of faith in Him as faithful redeemer.  He calls them out of conformity to the surrounding culture into  a journey of transformation.  He calls them from a life of meaningless toil into journey of eternal purpose and promise.  Like the Israelites, we too, are being called to join the journey of faith, transformation, and eternal purpose.  Come, join us on the journey.

Power Up Clubs 2019

June 24-27 in a yard near you!

Join us Sunday night at 7:30 for our prayer and praise kick- off.

Mars Hill Cares

Through our Care Ministry, we are able to receive needs, qualify those needs, and get them out to a group of Christians eager to deliver love in a practical way.
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