November 17, 2022

Dear Mars Hill Family,

One of Mars Hill’s best traditions is to give/receive a special offering at Christmas.  We call it the “Gift Offering” (GO). In light of God’s “over the top” gift to us in His Son, Jesus, we want to offer an “over and above” gift to His work on earth. We want this “offering” to be a special act of worship, a sacrificial gift above and beyond normal tithes and offerings. The GO gives us a very practical way to live out our commitment to being Courageously Generous.

Every year we designate a specific use for the GO. Last year we designated the offering to go to a new playground and a newer/better church bus.  The new playground has been a great addition, and we’re still shopping for the ideal best deal for the church bus.

This year we want the GO to be used to renovate the current student room. The new renovation project would provide us the ability to use the space effectively for Sunday morning worship as well as improving the space for or student ministry.  As our need for worship space continues to grow, and before we move on longer-term, larger-scale space solutions, this project will provide interim space relief as well as long term benefits. The project scope will include all the necessary modifications to create a high quality and inviting physical environment that will provide sixty plus additional seats per worship service.  As part of the GO, we will dedicate ten percent of all that is given to the GO to missions, both to support our partners and our church members going on mission trips.

The procedures for the gift offering are simple:

  • Each individual and/or family should treat this as a spiritual and personal exercise of worship – praying, thanking God for the greatest gift – Jesus – and asking God to use our financial gifts to bring many people to know Him.  Ask God how much He wants you to give for this “over the top” gift to His work.
  • When you’re ready, before or after any service (December 4th, 11th, 18th, or 24th) come in a spirit of prayer together to the manger set up on the stage and put your gift offering in. We have special Gift Offering envelopes available for your use should you wish to use them.

Investing our lives in sharing Jesus Christ and growing His followers,

Tom Gray
Senior Pastor