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July 252 Kids


"God's grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ.  Your salvation doesn't come from anything you do.  It is God's gift."
Ephesians 2:8

"God has always been involved in the world He created. We see His handiwork on display in creation. We see God’s love on display through Jesus, who came to rescue us. We respond to God in faith, believing in what we can’t see because of what we can see. When we focus on what we know to be true about God and the world God created, we can have faith in what we can’t see or fully understand."

Week 1

Bible Story: Ephesians 2:8-9
Grace is a Gift

Bottom Line:
Jesus is a gift for everyone

Week 2

Bible Story: Acts 17:16-34
Paul in Athens/Unknown God

Bottom Line:
You can help others know Jesus

Week 3

Bible Story: Acts 27-28
Paul Shipwrecked

Bottom Line:
Knowing Jesus changes the way you see your problems

Week 4

Bible Story: Revelation 21:3-5a

Bottom Line:
Following Jesus will turn out greater than you can imagine

July First Look


"These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God." John 20:31, NLV

This month we continue with the incredible truth, I can believe in Jesus. This truth is so powerful that we will continue asking the question, "Who can believe in Jesus?" so our preschoolers will know, "I can believe in Jesus!"

It's hard to imagine, but one day, our preschoolers will make a choice that they think is so bad they'll wonder if Jesus still loves them. Or, they'll leave a classroom wrestling with what their teacher or professor just taught and how it fits with what they believe.

We want them to believe Jesus is real and know that He loves them no matter what. Jesus is who He said He is, and He wants to be their friend forever. That's the truth friends. You better believe it. 

Week 1

Bible Story: Peter's Denial

Luke 22:54-62; John 21:15-19; Ephesians 2:8-9

Story Focus: I spy someone Jesus loves no matter what.

Week 2

Bible Story: Paul Teaches in Athens

Acts 17:16-34

Story Focus: I spy someone who made everything!

Week 3

Week 4


Bible Story: Paul in Rome

Acts 28:11-31

Story Focus: I spy someone who tells the truth.
Bible Story: Jesus Prepares a Place

John 14:2-3; Acts 1:1-11

Story Focus: I spy someone that is real.

Looking for a resource to encourage spiritual conversation and discipleship at home?  Check out these resources from Think Orange.  They will prompt spiritual discussion with your children and reinforce what they are learning at Mars Hill Kids.