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Powder Springs, GA 30127
(678) 797-0814

Sunday Service Times 9:15am & 11:00am

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Members and friends of Mars Hill Community Church can make donations online.

Please Read This: Giving Just Got Real Easy!
For anyone at Mars Hill who is currently giving online via PayPal, we'd like to ask you to switch to our new Subsplash Giving Platform because it's simple, secure, and will integrate seamlessly into our App and soon to be launched new website. First, be sure to "unschedule" any automatic reoccurring giving that you have scheduled through your PayPal account.  Then, simply click the Donate Now button which will take you to our secure payment page.

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Thank you for supporting the ministries of Mars Hill Community Church!

For those of you who prefer to continue using PayPal, Click the Donate Button below.

Many people consider monetary gifts (cash) their only giving option. Often they are unaware of the diverse opportunities available to make tax-smart and non-cash gifts. Here are some gift options:

Gifts That Avoid Taxes: Stock
Gifts of appreciated stock are easy to give. You earn a charitable deduction for the fair-market value. Plus, no capital gains are owed on such a gift.

Gifts That Avoid Taxes: Property
Unencumbered Real Property is the simplest to give. You earn a charitable deduction based on a qualified appraisal of the fair-market value. No capital gains taxes are owed on such a gift.

Gifts That Empower Giving: DAF
If you find yourself in a year when you need to avoid income taxes or you want to avoid paying capital gains on appreciated assets, a donor advised fund (DAF) could be your best solution. With a DAF, income and capital gains taxes can be avoided. You would have a flexible giving fund, much like a foundation without all the work. You select when and where the funds can go – to help advance the gospel and to charities important to you.

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